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A.J. BrownPray For This LoveStormPenthouse2002Donovan Germain  
Admiral TibettToo QuickStormGreedy Puppy1987   
Alley CatNuh Fi WarStorm
 a.k.a. Chronic
Shocking Vibes1995Patrick Roberts  
Anthony JohnWarningStormPenthouse Donovan Germain  
BadooReaching To Be FreeStormFatman1980   
Barry BrownI'm Not So LuckyStormBlack Roots    
Beenie Man & Silver CatChronicStorm
 a.k.a. Chronic
Shocking Vibes1995Patrick RobertsV.A. - Ragga Ragga Ragga 4 
Beenie ManDefend ApacheStorm
 a.k.a. Chronic
Shocking Vibes1995Patrick RobertsBeenie Man & Mad Cobra - Beenie Man Meets Mad Cobra,
V.A. - Ragga Ragga Ragga 4 
Beenie ManGun FingerStorm
 a.k.a. Chronic
Shocking Vibes1996Patrick RobertsBeenie Man & Mad Cobra - Beenie Man Meets Mad Cobra 
Beenie ManSelassie I CallingStorm
 a.k.a. Palave
Mac Dada1995Chucky Million  
Bunny GeneralGun ThingStormJammys    
Chaka DemusChatty MouthStormPenthouse2002Donovan Germain  
Charlie ChaplinChaplin Ah De RoughestStormBlack Scorpio2008Maurice 'Jack Scorpio' Johnson  
Charlie ChaplinStruggleStorm 1989Doctor DreadCharlie Chaplin - Two Sides Of Charlie Chaplin 
Cocoa TeaThe ToughestStormJammys1991   
Colin RoachAll Because Of YouStormJammys1991   
DonovanI Believe In YouStorm 1992Donovan GermainV.A. - Frontliners 
Eek-A-MouseWea The FoodStormWild Apache    
Errol ScorcherEngineer AffairStormJammys1977   
Future TroublesFilm ShowStorm
 a.k.a. Palave
Mac Dada1995Chucky Million  
GhostBaby Come To MeStorm
 a.k.a. Palave
Mac Dada1995Chucky Million  
Gregory IsaacsHang OnStormJammys1989   
Gregory Isaacs & Buju BantonHang OnStormPenthouse2002Donovan Germain  
Gregory IsaacsHit Pick MedleyStormJammys    
Gregory IsaacsStormStormPenthouse Donovan Germain  
Gregory IsaacsStormStormDigital B    
Gregory IsaacsStormStorm 1978 Gregory Isaacs - Mr. Isaacs 
Half PintDon't Cose The DoorStormPowerhouse    
Horace GrosetteKeep On TryingStorm 1978   
John HoltThere's A TrainStormJammys1991   
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