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Anthony BCrack SkullHeavyweightHot-A-Tac2001Glenroy 'Virgo' Donaldson 
A.R.P. & Bounty Killer & Curly LoxEvils Of Your MindHeavyweightHot-A-Tac2001Glenroy 'Virgo' DonaldsonBounty Killer - Ghetto Dictionary: The Mystery
CapletonEducation A Di KeyWealthy RichHot-A-Tac2004Glenroy 'Virgo' Donaldson 
CapletonHelpHeavyweightHot-A-Tac2001Glenroy 'Virgo' Donaldson 
Captain BarkeyArtist SecretHeavyweightHot-A-Tac2001Glenroy 'Virgo' Donaldson 
Danny EnglishCan I Get A YeahHeavyweightHot-A-Tac2001Glenroy 'Virgo' Donaldson 
DetermineSprinter StayerHeavyweightHot-A-Tac2001Glenroy 'Virgo' Donaldson 
Elephant ManSecret AdmirerWealthy RichHot-A-Tac2004Glenroy 'Virgo' Donaldson 
General BWe RollHeavyweightHot-A-Tac2001Glenroy 'Virgo' Donaldson 
Hot Shot CrewBun Out Chi ChiHeavyweightHot-A-Tac2001Glenroy 'Virgo' Donaldson 
Hot Shot SquadRich We SayWealthy RichHot-A-Tac2004Glenroy 'Virgo' Donaldson 
Lukie D & Hot ShotMore StrengthHeavyweightHot-A-Tac2001Glenroy 'Virgo' Donaldson 
Lukie DRun AroundHeavyweightHot-A-Tac2001Glenroy 'Virgo' Donaldson 
Mr VegasRaindropsHeavyweightHot-A-Tac2001Glenroy 'Virgo' Donaldson 
SizzlaWealthy RichWealthy RichHot-A-Tac2004Glenroy 'Virgo' Donaldson 
SpiceTwingyHeavyweightHot-A-Tac2001Glenroy 'Virgo' Donaldson 
Deja Vu & TornadoStraight BenzWealthy RichHot-A-Tac2004Glenroy 'Virgo' Donaldson 
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