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Alley CatWoman Fi Have BattyAfrican RockMassive B1997Bobby Konders 
Alley CatWoman Fi Have BattyKilla PrideMassive B1997Bobby Konders 
Anthony BA TrueThe RockMassive B2001Bobby Konders 
Anthony BBlack SurvivorHe Prayed / Dub OrganizerMassive B2002Bobby Konders 
Anthony BBurn Out Da WarTempoMassive B2002Bobby Konders 
Anthony BCan't Buy Wi OutStormy WeatherMassive B1998Bobby Konders 
Anthony BFreedom FighterSickMassive B2004Bobby Konders 
Anthony BRespect To Jamaican DonsWantedMassive B2003Bobby Konders 
Anthony BUndergroundHeavenlessMassive B2004Bobby Konders 
Anthony BWarriorCuss CussMassive B1997Bobby Konders 
Anthony CruzPeople BawlinTake A RideMassive B2005Bobby Konders 
AssassinFacilitate WarWantedMassive B2003Bobby Konders 
AssassinLet Me ThroughThe RockMassive B2001Bobby Konders 
Beenie ManBrandKilla PrideMassive B1997Bobby Konders 
Beenie ManBrandAfrican RockMassive B1997Bobby Konders 
BenitonKick OffBang BangMassive B2005Bobby KondersV.A. - Bang Bang Riddim
BenitonTun It UpMarch OutMassive B2006Bobby Konders 
Bling DawgBad DogGun Inna BaggyMassive B2002Bobby Konders 
Bling DawgGot My Sean JohnThe RockMassive B2001Bobby Konders 
Bling DawgWe Have ItWantedMassive B2003Bobby Konders 
Bounty KillerFire With FireYard BounceMassive B2000Bobby Konders 
Bounty KillerIndecentRewindMassive B1999Bobby Konders 
Bounty KillerMr Tear And BoreSirenMassive B1998Bobby KondersBounty Killer - 5th Element
Bounty KillerMr Wuk MoreWantedMassive B2003Bobby Konders 
Bounty KillerSuicide Or MurderBlack RiottMassive B1996Bobby Konders 
Bounty KillerSumfestThe RockMassive B2001Bobby KondersBounty Killer - Ghetto Dictionary: Art Of War
Bounty KillerWar BookGun Inna BaggyMassive B2002Bobby Konders 
Bounty KillerWe Burn Da HighestHeavenlessMassive B2004Bobby Konders 
BuccaneerStop KillenTaxiMassive B Bobby Konders 
Bunji GarlinBrrrtMarch OutMassive B2006Bobby Konders 
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