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Singing MelodyHeartbreakerHeartbreakerRaggedy Joe1997  
Terry LinenLove Don't Think TwiceHeartbreakerRaggedy Joe1997  
AlkatrazDo You KnowHoney ConeRaggedy Joe2004Anthony 'Redrose' Cameron 
Anthony BWeeping WillowHoney ConeRaggedy Joe2003Anthony 'Redrose' Cameron 
Anthony Redrose & Junior Kelly & Norris ManAfrican WomanHoney ConeRaggedy Joe2004Anthony 'Redrose' Cameron 
Chuck FenderWeh We DehHoney ConeRaggedy Joe2004Anthony 'Redrose' Cameron 
DavilleAlways Count On MeHoney ConeRaggedy Joe2004Anthony 'Redrose' Cameron 
DetermineNever Fail IHoney ConeRaggedy Joe2004Anthony 'Redrose' Cameron 
Frankie PaulCrush On YouHoney ConeRaggedy Joe2004Anthony 'Redrose' Cameron 
Jah TasteSweet Little GirlHoney ConeRaggedy Joe2003Anthony 'Redrose' Cameron 
LucianoMy PeopleHoney ConeRaggedy Joe2003Anthony 'Redrose' Cameron 
Marcia GriffithsRealityHoney ConeRaggedy Joe2003Anthony 'Redrose' Cameron 
Michael RoseCry CryHoney ConeRaggedy Joe2003Anthony 'Redrose' Cameron 
Morgan HeritageSigns And WondersHoney ConeRaggedy Joe2004Anthony 'Redrose' Cameron 
Natural BlackTalk Of Bigger HeadsHoney ConeRaggedy Joe2004Anthony 'Redrose' Cameron 
Prezident BrownFountain Of LoveHoney ConeRaggedy Joe2004Anthony 'Redrose' Cameron 
Queen IfricaGive It Up For Your LoveHoney ConeRaggedy Joe2004Anthony 'Redrose' Cameron 
Tanya StephensCan't Move MeHoney ConeRaggedy Joe2003Anthony 'Redrose' Cameron 
Tony RebelExperience Teaches WisdomHoney ConeRaggedy Joe2004Anthony 'Redrose' Cameron 
TurbulenceOn The RoadHoney ConeRaggedy Joe2003Anthony 'Redrose' Cameron 
Anthony Redrose & Terror FabulousNah LoafHot MilkRaggedy Joe Anthony 'Redrose' Cameron 
Terry LinenLow LifeLet Me Tell You BoyRaggedy Joe2006  
Anthony Malvo & Saba ToothDon't Play MeMoney CologneRaggedy Joe1997Anthony 'Redrose' Cameron 
Beenie ManFarmer ManMoney CologneRaggedy Joe1997Anthony 'Redrose' Cameron 
Bounty KillerWoman It's YouMoney CologneRaggedy Joe1997Anthony 'Redrose' Cameron 
Brown SugarOn & OnMoney CologneRaggedy Joe1997Anthony 'Redrose' Cameron 
Frisco KidBeen There Done ThatMoney CologneRaggedy Joe1997Anthony 'Redrose' Cameron 
Max WayneJoe BleachMoney CologneRaggedy Joe1997Anthony 'Redrose' Cameron 
PowermanNo FriendMoney CologneRaggedy Joe1997Anthony 'Redrose' Cameron 
Anthony Redrose & PowermanBeat In My HeartNo Warrior / Father Jungle RockRaggedy Joe1997  
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