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King KongDon't Touch My Boops54-46 / BoopsJammys   
Admiral BaileyWoman A TroubleA Little LoveJammys1992Lloyd 'King Jammy' JamesAdmiral Bailey - Mi Big Up
Captain Barkey & WickermanPut I DungA Little LoveJammys1992Lloyd 'King Jammy' James 
Colin RoachPenny For Your ThoughtsA Little LoveJammys1992Lloyd 'King Jammy' James 
Harry ToddlerGal You A LeadA Little LoveJammys Lloyd 'King Jammy' James 
Risto BenjieProblemA Little LoveJammys1992Lloyd 'King Jammy' James 
SanchezLonesome Country BoyA Little LoveJammys1992Lloyd 'King Jammy' James 
Coby J & Passenger 57Gone AwayAfghanistanJammys2004  
Eddie Vicious & David KingWake UpAfghanistanJammys2004  
Fire BoboUgly Man And BarAfghanistanJammys2004  
Michael RoseLeff Mi And GwaanAfghanistanJammys2004  
Rasta Youth & David KingGot My MoneyAfghanistanJammys2004  
Shaka Pow & Keke FlintUnder AgeAfghanistanJammys2004  
Barker BCan't Tie MeAfrican BeatJammys1987Lloyd 'King Jammy' James 
Chuck FenderIsolate Di Guns And PrayAfrican BeatJammys1997Lloyd 'King Jammy' James 
Horace AndyHave Fe Get ItAfrican BeatJammys1987Lloyd 'King Jammy' James 
Little TwitchDevil Send You ComeAfrican BeatJammys Lloyd 'King Jammy' James 
PinchersDon Is DonAfrican BeatJammys1987Lloyd 'King Jammy' James 
Tonto IrieGeneral A GeneralAfrican BeatJammys Lloyd 'King Jammy' James & Steely & ClevieTonto Irie - Jammy's Posse
WickermanRight TeachingAfrican BeatJammys Lloyd 'King Jammy' James 
Admiral BaileyBig Belly ManAgonyJammys1987Lloyd 'King Jammy' JamesAdmiral Bailey - Undisputed,
V.A. - D.J. Confrontation
DominickMini Van DramaAgonyJammys1988Lloyd 'King Jammy' James 
Major WorriesMi Nuh ResponseAgonyJammys1987Lloyd 'King Jammy' JamesV.A. - D.J. Confrontation
PampidooSynthesizer VoiceAgonyJammys1987Lloyd 'King Jammy' JamesV.A. - D.J. Confrontation
PinchersAgonyAgonyJammys1987Lloyd 'King Jammy' James 
Shabba RanksMust Love ReggaeAgonyJammys Lloyd 'King Jammy' JamesV.A. - D.J. Confrontation
Colin RoachNot Gonna LeaveAli BabaJammys1990Lloyd 'King Jammy' James 
Courtney MelodyNo Guy TestAli BabaJammys Lloyd 'King Jammy' James 
King KongA.I.D.S. A Go RoundAli BabaJammys1986Lloyd 'King Jammy' JamesNitty Gritty & King Kong - Musical Confrontation
Echo MinottCool And DeadlyAnswer / Never Let GoJammys   
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