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Slingshot & MexicanWhat Time Is ItAnts NestYoung Blood1999Chad 'Goofy' Simpson 
Ward 21Thug WorldAnts NestYoung Blood1999Chad 'Goofy' Simpson 
Buju BantonLong Time AgoBabaYoung Blood2008  
Nitty KutchieBadman AnthemBabaYoung Blood2008  
PinchersDistanceBabaYoung Blood2008  
Singing BirdCome What MayBabaYoung Blood2008  
AlozadeDods Of All TimeBulletYoung Blood2006Chad 'Goofy' Simpson 
Alozade & Mr VegasHigh GradeBulletYoung Blood2006Chad 'Goofy' Simpson 
Beenie Man & D'AngelNatureBulletYoung Blood2006Chad 'Goofy' Simpson 
Beenie ManTraitorBulletYoung Blood2006Chad 'Goofy' Simpson 
BuccaneerWhooeBulletYoung Blood2006Chad 'Goofy' Simpson 
Flecha BHair Style And ClothesBulletYoung Blood2006Chad 'Goofy' Simpson 
Frisco KidNo TreatBulletYoung Blood2006Chad 'Goofy' Simpson 
GoofyKey HoleBulletYoung Blood2006Chad 'Goofy' Simpson 
Hollow PointNo Push ItBulletYoung Blood2006Chad 'Goofy' Simpson 
Mr VegasHard ManBulletYoung Blood2006Chad 'Goofy' Simpson 
MungaTek Mi A TekBulletYoung Blood2006Chad 'Goofy' Simpson 
Shaka PowAll My LadiesBulletYoung Blood2006Chad 'Goofy' Simpson 
ShottaPop StyleBulletYoung Blood2006Chad 'Goofy' Simpson 
Beenie ManZionEscaladeYoung Blood2002Chad 'Goofy' Simpson 
Bounty KillerReal KillerEscaladeYoung Blood2002Chad 'Goofy' Simpson 
BuccaneerHe Say She SayEscaladeYoung Blood2002Chad 'Goofy' Simpson 
Buju Banton & Kirk DavisDon't Waste Your TimeEscaladeYoung Blood2002Chad 'Goofy' Simpson 
DetermineBlazingEscaladeYoung Blood2002Chad 'Goofy' Simpson 
Elephant ManHill And Gully RideEscaladeYoung Blood2002Chad 'Goofy' Simpson 
Fletcha BCrossesEscaladeYoung Blood2002Chad 'Goofy' Simpson 
General DegreeDon't Give It AwayEscaladeYoung Blood2002Chad 'Goofy' Simpson 
GoofyBaby DuppyEscaladeYoung Blood2002Chad 'Goofy' Simpson 
Goofy & MagicalHer EyesEscaladeYoung Blood2002Chad 'Goofy' Simpson 
Guru PlatuneUnknownEscaladeYoung Blood2002Chad 'Goofy' Simpson 
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