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Delly RanksGal Caan Have Yuh Soft007Da Brat2000Wallace 'Red Rat' Wilson 
Delly RanksBadda Than We12 GaugeH202006Michael 'Liquid' Brissett 
Delly RanksBogle Memorial12 GaugeH202006Michael 'Liquid' Brissett 
Delly Ranks & Wayne WonderLose Control12 GaugeH202006Michael 'Liquid' Brissett 
Delly RanksCan't Play Me16 ShooterFree Willy2004Neil 'N-Less' Amos & Moses Davis 
Delly RanksLet Me Be24/7 (Soca) 2003  
Delly RanksMi Ready48 Bus RouteShocking Vibes2002  
Delly RanksNuh Care745Bread Back2008  
Delly RanksDeh Bout NuffA Who ThingSlam1999  
Delly RanksBun UpAaxxiaKic For Kic2004Richard Ellis 
Delly RanksGalAdrenalineBig Jeans2002Eric Delisser Jr. & Ricky 'Mad Man' Myrie 
Delly RanksRed Bull And TigerAlways Be The ManFree Willy2001  
Delly RanksSilly ClownAnger ManagementDaseca2004Craig 'Serani' Marsh 
Delly Ranks & Anthony MalvoHypeAnswer / Never Let GoHow Yuh Fi Sey Dat1998  
Delly Ranks & Ninja TSound Boy GeneralAnswer / Never Let GoUnderground1990Anthony 'Redrose' Cameron & Anthony Malvo 
Delly RanksSend For All The GirlsAnti BadnessV12002  
Delly RanksTightest NatAollo !! Aolla !!Baby G2004  
Delly RanksPoint Pan A GalApplauseJah Snowcone2004Rohan 'Snow Cone' Fuller 
Delly RanksDefend Di PlaceAsthmaDejaVu2000Marlon Cooke 
Delly RanksGo HarderBabaFree Willy2003  
Delly Ranks & Sugar MinottVictimBaba BoomCreation Music2001  
Delly RanksA Wha Do SheBad AfternoonQ452006Rupert Blake 
Delly RanksBuss A GunBad CompanyKings Of Kings2003Cordel 'Scatta' Burrell 
Delly RanksPoint We OutBada BadaJammys1999Lloyd 'King Jammy' James 
Delly Ranks & ChristopherWarningBeezVery Huge2001Chester Walker & Kevin Shaw 
Delly RanksOriginal StyleBefore I Die / Don'tFresh Ear1999Arif Cooper 
Delly RanksWagga WaggaBelchArrows1998Phillip 'Junior Arrows' Linton 
Delly Ranks24 BouncingBelviewChampagne2004  
Delly RanksWho The Cap FitBig Heel BootStone Cold2002  
Delly RanksCan't Stop YuBlack BeltDejaVu2002  
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