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Admiral BaileyA No SinBully BeefDigital B1991Bobby 'Digital' DixonV.A. - Full House 
Admiral BaileyA Nuh Sin  1992Lloyd 'King Jammy' JamesAdmiral Bailey - Mi Big Up 
Admiral Bailey & Singer JBack It UpWorld CupIn Touch2006Courtney McIntosh 
Admiral BaileyBashy BashyBellyassMentally Disturbed1999Andre 'Suku' Grey & Kunley McCarthy 
Admiral BaileyBawling For MandelaThrow Me CornJammys Lloyd 'King Jammy' James 
Admiral BaileyBig Belly ManAgonyJammys1987Lloyd 'King Jammy' JamesAdmiral Bailey - Undisputed,
V.A. - D.J. Confrontation 
Admiral BaileyBullet Proof BodyGun Inna Baggy    
Admiral BaileyBumper BottomPoco Man Jam 1992Lloyd 'King Jammy' JamesAdmiral Bailey - Mi Big Up 
Admiral BaileyButterflyButterflyJammys1993  
Admiral BaileyCan't Fool The Woman AgainHeavenlessJammys Lloyd 'King Jammy' James 
Admiral BaileyChatty Mouth PeopleSolomonJammys Lloyd 'King Jammy' James 
Admiral BaileyCock A CrowWhat The HellLive & Learn1987  
Admiral BaileyCome Pon TopDuckJammys1988Lloyd 'King Jammy' James 
Admiral Bailey & Chacka Demus CumbayaMiddle EastBright Star2009  
Admiral BaileyDella MoveDella MoveJammys1988Lloyd 'King Jammy' James 
Admiral Bailey & Beenie ManDella Move (Remix)Della MoveBaby G2005Trevor 'Baby G' James Jr. 
Admiral BaileyDem Ha Fi Come BackGiggy / MamaJammys Lloyd 'King Jammy' James 
Admiral BaileyDon't Be Lazy  1987Lloyd 'King Jammy' JamesAdmiral Bailey - Undisputed 
Admiral BaileyDon't Have Me UpDon't Have Me UpJammys Lloyd 'King Jammy' James 
Admiral BaileyDon't Want No Kiss  1987Lloyd 'King Jammy' JamesAdmiral Bailey - Undisputed 
Admiral BaileyDone Pt. 2Koloko / Tight ClothesPowerhouse George Phang 
Admiral BaileyEarkie JerkieNeedle EyeJohn John1997Lloyd 'John John' James Jr. 
Admiral BaileyEducationBook Book BookJammys1995  
Admiral BaileyFire In Har HoleMentoFat Eyes2001Collin 'Bulby' Yorke & Lynford 'Fatta' Marshall 
Admiral BaileyFussing & FightingDeath In The ArenaDigital B1994Bobby 'Digital' Dixon 
Admiral BaileyGal A You ShapePoco Man Jam  Lloyd 'King Jammy' JamesAdmiral Bailey - Mi Big Up 
Admiral BaileyGal Yuh Body GoodLove Is Not A GambleJammys Lloyd 'King Jammy' James 
Admiral Bailey & Lukie DGangsta CallNo Warrior / Father Jungle RockFree Willy2003Neil 'N-Less' Amos & Moses Davis 
Admiral BaileyGanja SpliffHead To ToeJammys1999Lloyd 'King Jammy' James 
Admiral BaileyGirl Of My PleasurePepper SeedMadhouse1994Dave Kelly 
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