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Red Rat & PsychoA LieHighwayStone Cold2000Mark Hudson 
Red RatAah Fi Who GalFilthyJuvenile1997Danny Browne 
Red Rat & GoofyAdviceSplashJuvenile1998  
Red Rat & GoofyAll In For ThatUnda WataK-Licious1999Tony 'CD' Kelly 
Red RatAll Out TonightRaveKings Of Kings / High Society2005Cordel 'Scatta' Burrell 
Red RatBad GalShowdownBomrush2001  
Red RatBad GalBlue LaguneOpera House2005  
Red Rat & GoofyBad Man CrewGuerilla WarfareBlack Shadow1997Troyton Rami 
Red RatBad MindDouble BarrellPurple Skunk2004  
Red RatBad Mind FriendsTropical StormTropical Storm2004  
Red Rat & GoofyBig Man Little YuteRichMain Street1998  
Red Rat & Big RedBiggestBad ModafuckerMaximum Sound1999Frenchie 
Red RatBizzi BlazziBlack WidowShines1998Shane Richards 
Red RatBlaze It UpSenoritaKingstone2004  
Red RatBlaze The WeedJediMaximum Sound2002Frenchie 
Red RatBomb AttackBomb AttackDem Yute Nah1997  
Red RatBruck Me DucksHeavy MetalMain Street1998  
Red RatBuddy She WantAnts NestYoung Blood1999Chad 'Goofy' Simpson 
Red RatBun DemRevolution / IntercomMaximum Sound2000Frenchie & Mafia & Fluxy 
Red RatBuss Up Pants WaistFour Burn / Haffi MindBankeylous1998Paul 'Bankey' Giscombe 
Red RatCan't ManageGuerilla WarfareBlack Shadow1997Troyton Rami 
Red RatCharleneCopy CatStudio 20001997Steely & Clevie 
Red RatCheckGlueB-Rich2001Richard 'Shams' Browne 
Red RatChunny MouthJokerSpringvale2000Patrick Roberts 
Red RatComplimentsCheerfulJah Snowcone2006Rohan 'Snow Cone' Fuller 
Red Rat & GoofyCoom CoomAll PurposeMain Street1999Danny Browne 
Red Rat & GoofyCruiseRotten RichMain Street1998Danny Browne 
Red RatCurfewIce CubeMista Wilks2005Ernie Wilks 
Red RatCyaan SleepBaddisHi Profile1998Richard 'Shams' Browne 
Red RatCyaan Stop WePit BullDawg House2006Marlon Williams 
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