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Mighty DiamondsBad Boy BusinessMind Yu Dis 1988Augustus 'Gussie' ClarkeV.A. - Music Works Showcase 89 
Mighty DiamondsBlack Magic WomanWeather BalloonEye One2005  
Mighty DiamondsBrothers And SistersDrifterHitbound   
Mighty Diamonds & Fragga RanksChalice In A CircleFull UpShocking Vibes   
Mighty DiamondsCool ItLove Me ForeverGreensleeves   
Mighty DiamondsCuh DehKhakiRelic World2004  
Mighty DiamondsDeclaration Of RightsDeclaration Of Rights 1993  
Mighty DiamondsFight Fire With FireMr BassieGreensleeves   
Mighty Diamonds & Beenie ManHave MercyBaby WhyCreation Music2005  
Mighty DiamondsHave MercyBaby WhyChannel One   
Mighty DiamondsHeavy LoadRumoursMusic Works1988Augustus 'Gussie' Clarke 
Mighty Diamonds & Leroy SmartI Love Jah RastafariReally TogetherGussie1976Augustus 'Gussie' Clarke 
Mighty DiamondsI Need A RoofMean Girl / I Need A RoofVirgin   
Mighty DiamondsI'm Hurting InsideHurting InsideMusic Works1982Augustus 'Gussie' Clarke 
Mighty Diamonds & I RoyI'm Still In Love With YouI'm Still In Love With YouChannel One   
Mighty DiamondsIn The Dance AgainThree Blind Mice 1993  
Mighty DiamondsJah LoveRight TimePenthouse1998Donovan GermainV.A. - Comforter 
Mighty DiamondsJust Another ManI'm In The Mood For Love    
Mighty DiamondsJuvenile ChildShank I Sheck    
Mighty DiamondsKeep On MovingKeep On MovingJoe Gibbs   
Mighty DiamondsKinarkyMoving AwayRelic World2001  
Mighty Diamonds & Ragga BLets PartyMasqueradeRelic World2003  
Mighty DiamondsLove Is Never Hard To FindMelody LifePowerhouse1981George Phang 
Mighty DiamondsLove Me GirlGeneral 1984 V.A. - General For All General 
Mighty DiamondsLove Me GirlFull Up    
Mighty DiamondsNatural NattyCollege RockVirgin1976  
Mighty DiamondsParty TimeParty TimePowerhouse1981George Phang 
Mighty Diamonds & Anthony BPass The KutchieFull UpWall Street2002  
Mighty DiamondsPass The KutchieFull UpMusic Works1981  
Mighty DiamondsPayakaImmigrationAl.Ta.Fa.An2003Anthony Senior & Boris Silvera 
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